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Bob Bernstein's Rather Badly Out-dated Home Page


What I've done lately

I continue to follow Unix operating system affairs, with a focus on NetBSD, and Debian and Red Hat Linux. Of particular interest are:

  • Structured Document Preparation Systems

  • Content Management Systems

NOAA Coastwatch

Throughout most of the year 2003 I worked under a series of contracts from the Narragansett, Rhode Island office of NOAA Coastwatch, doing website design and system administration.

  • The project work was documented in a "User's Manual", provided in HTML and PDF formats.


The website of the "Northeast Node" of NOAA Coastwatch was overhauled "from scratch," with emphases on:

System administration

Coastwatch Northeast Node maintained a web presence via two servers, one running an older version of Red Hat Linux, and the other, SGI Irix.

  • Both machines needed a fair amount of work to bring them up to an "in sync" condition relative to their respective vendors' bugfixes and security patches.

  • All of the web serving chores were moved to the Linux box, and the Irix was configured to provide, as much as it could, some redundancy for this function.

  • Both machines had their network connectivity honed down to the lowest possible degree, and firewall software was installed and configured on the Linux machine.

  • Currently a proposal is in development to replace and revamp the Linux server.

What I'm doing currently.

As noted, I remain interested in structured document preparation, and content management systems.

For most documentation purposes I find that DebianDoc, rendered into PDF formatted output, is a suitable solution, a blending of convenience in composition, and elegance in appearance. (Ask me for a sample!)

  Systems I am fluent in include:    
Structured Document
Content Management
DocBook: Portals:  
  SGML   Scoop  
  XML   Plone  
  Website WebLogs:
DebianDoc   Movable Type
LaTeX:   Pyblosxom
   LaTeX2HTML   CoreBlog  
   Lyx   SimpleBlog    
Zope BackTalk   

My personal favorites in the Content Management category are Plone, and Movable Type.

What I'd like to do in the future.

I love working with systems that provide easy access to, and efficient delivery of, documents that number among their principal virtues simplicity of presentation and intuition-near navigation. Let's keep the medium out of the way of the message. A prime result of this orientation: the quality of the messages improves.